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31 December 2010 @ 07:43 pm
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06 February 2006 @ 06:19 pm
No school today. :( It'll just happen tomorrow, then.

But anyway...I was bored, so I figured it's time for a...

Good Old-Fashioned Spam Meme

I won't be quite as ambitious as I have before (no shooting for 5,000) so give me a 1,000 comments or two...or three :)...whatever. Just spam, please.

Ready. Set. Go.
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25 January 2006 @ 04:57 pm
This may just be anger talking, but....

Lying to people, hurting them, toying with their emotions, making them cry over your death?

That's nobility to you? That's the stuff that makes you a beacon of hope?

How bad is a lie if it helps?

All lies help. They only hurt when they're no longer lies. You ruined your helpful little lie by telling the truth. Therefore, you...frankly? You disgust me. Really. You have hurt people I care about, and if there's one thing I never forgive, it's that.

I could believe you were trying to have good intentions at the start. But here's a hint, dear. Pretending to die is not something you do with good fucking intentions.

I'm sick right now. Absolutely disgusted. Don't you have any idea what you'd done? How could you sit there, watching us all say how much we respected you and cared about you...AND NOT SAY ONE FUCKING WORD?

You know, if you wanted an out so damn bad, when you got sick of playing your game on all of should have come clean. If the reason you picked TB of all things to die from was to get caught some day...why not to admit it that day you "died"?

You...god, you know what? I hate you. I don't like saying that to people that I, apparently, hardly know, but I do. Not even for what you did to me, because while we were close, we weren't majorly so. I hate you for what you did to everyone else.

Forget every kind thing I ever said to limeybean. That's not you. You don't deserve a single one of them. I meant them, but not for you.

It was never too late to come clean until the day you died. Yeah, we all would've been pissed, but I, at least, could've appreciated the fact that you stopped before you went to far. But the day your name was put on that tombstone (so to speak) was the day you went from being a naive girl making a dumb mistake to being a cold-hearted liar.

And now? I'm done. I refuse to waste any more of my life on you. I'm over you and everything to do with you.
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